Columbia University

Faculty at Columbia University have written a letter in response to the university’s failure to handle reports of sexual assault:


To the Columbia Community:

We were shocked to learn of the Title IX, Title II, and Clery Act complaints filed against Columbia on April 24th. We applaud the bravery and fortitude of the students who filed these complaints.

As troubling as it is to learn about the level of sexual misconduct on campus, we are even more dismayed by Columbia’s response to these problems. It is clear that University policies and enforcement are insufficient and even harmful to creating an environment where students feel safe and supported. We, as a community, must do more to make this school a place where all students are safe from violence. We must do better.

As faculty members of Columbia University, we demand an environment that is safe for every member of our community, regardless of gender. Having an environment where everyone feels comfortable and secure is essential for learning.

We want students who have been victims of sexual assault to know they have our support. We commit ourselves to work with our community to change the campus climate so that rape, sexual assault, and violence are not a part of any community member’s experience. And we will ensure that University policies do not just comply with Federal requirements, but go further so that all students experience the kind of support and respect that our community can provide.

To achieve these ends, we demand that the University enact serious and substantial reform with strong student involvement in a transparent process.

We must change the culture here. The brave students who filed a complaint against our university have taken the first step. We stand with them.


The list of signatories is available here.

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