Assholes in the academia

Assholes are everywhere. In all and any situation including many people, there will be assholes. But there is nothing quite like assholes who are in the academia. 

Assholes in academic institutions use their “knowledge” (ie. the books they’ve read and think they understand) to protect their petty identities. Assholes in the academia will work hard to maintain status quo, will use all the difficult words they know to write an article or blog post whose main purpose is to distrust women, will be classical bullies, will overlook all and any inequality (as long as it does not hurt them personally, of course), will defend their friends without questioning whether this friend is hurting others or not. Assholes in the academia will be the biggest, most disgusting narcissists who refuse to question their perception of the world or of themselves. And what is most fantastic about assholes in the academia is that they will do all this at the same time as they think they are critical and progressive.

My experience of academic institutions have been not only thoroughly marked by sexist professors who see my body and not my brain, but it has also – and this will stay with me for a longer time – opened my eyes to these people who will see me being treated this way, but will choose to use academic language to maintain this treatment. Because to end it would mean to question themselves. And they think I am the one stuck in identity politics.

Are you too “critical” to see sexism when it is infront of your face? Have you read all these books without being able to see what these books write about in reality? Assholes in the academia are really dumb fucks.

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