Name calling

We have been told that we are without names. But we have been given many names, even as our names escape memory, are mispronounced, forgotten again and again. Speaking out against racism, against sexism, we are told we are:

authoritarian; liberal; old-fashioned; pseudo-feminists

not ready; not used to thinking critically; stupid; not understanding; inadequate; inexperienced

politically correct; complaining; unproductive; wrong; one-sided; irrelevant; disruptive

lying; over-reacting; too sensitive; too upset; angry


These names are powerful tools for silencing accounts of racism and sexism in the university. But they are not our names.



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One thought on “Name calling

  1. missmaddie95 says:

    All the name-calling can be attributed to our wonderful patriarchal society. It’s a man’s world. But that can most certainly change! Love your blog(: Care to check out mine?

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