A man who is an SWP loyalist harassed me in the street, demanding to know my name and yelling at me. A week later he was outside my apartment. I reported it to my student’s university, after one email acknowledging that they received my complaint nothing else happened.

A week after that he made it clear he’d found out personal information about me and his friend was so aggressive cops had to hold him back. I saw the member of staff who’d pointed me in the direction of the complaints procedure and told her about the latest incident. She asked me what I’d done to provoke him. Of course it was a “joke”.

I figured the people dealing with my complaint were busy, but then discovered that an unfounded complaint of harassment about members of the BME committee, by people who had been racist, had been dealt with swiftly. It’s been months, I’ve still heard nothing.

Sheffield’s Students’ Union has just won best union again. It’s nice, mostly I love it, but a nice award doesn’t stop it being run by apologists and racists.

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One thought on “Provocation

  1. I’m one of the sabbatical officers at sheffield SU. I’m really sorry that you weren’t taken seriously after being harassed. I’m not sure there’s much I can do to help, but if you want I can meet with you at a time/place that works for you, or alternately you can email me (anonymously if you prefer) at, and we can try to work out if there’s anything me or the SU can do that you feel would help you and your situation. I’m sorry there’s not more I can do right now 😦 its been a bureaucratic nightmare dealing with the SWP this year

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