Sexual Harassment in Higher Education (SHHE) Conference

Wednesday 2nd December 2015, Richard Hoggart Small Cinema, 12.00-6.15pm, Goldsmiths, University of London

Please visit the website for more details and to register:

Organised by Anna Bull, Leila Whitley, and Tiffany Page

Sexual harassment of students by academic staff is prevalent in higher education but this issue has received little scrutiny. This one day, workshop-based conference aims to investigate the way sexual harassment in higher education between staff and students unfolds institutionally and how it intersects with other embodied experiences of power. Key questions include:

  • How does the problem of sexual harassment (fail to) appear in institutional space? What mechanisms work to hide it?
  • How can sexual harassment be discussed in its complicated relation to power, including the hierarchical power of the university and the other forms of power bound up with experiences of sexual harassment?
  • Specifically, how do race, class, gender, sexuality or cis privilege play out in experiences of sexual violence in universities?

The workshop will be organised around two keynote presentations and breakout group sessions that will enable participants to address specific issues in smaller groups. Confirmed speakers include Dr. Alison Phipps (University of Sussex), Prof. Heidi Mirza (Goldsmiths) and Prof. Sara Ahmed (Goldsmiths).

We would like to encourage students and academic and professional services staff from throughout the UK to attend, and particularly postgraduate students, as well as HR staff at academic institutions, students’ unions, and any other groups that deal with sexual harassment in higher education. There will be time during the day for attendees to build inter-institutional links and share knowledge with others.

Everyone is welcome.


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